Letter to County Board Re: Funding for Arlington Neighborhood Advisory Committee (ArNAC)


April 17, 2024

To: Arlington County Board
Arlington County Manager

Re: Funding for Arlington Neighborhood Advisory Committee (ArNAC)

I am writing on behalf of our longstanding civic association to underscore the critical importance of the Arlington Neighborhood Advisory Committee (ArNAC), formerly known as the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC), to our community’s vitality and progress.

For decades, ArNAC has served as a cornerstone for neighborhood development, providing vital funding for projects that enhance the quality of life for residents across Arlington County. Particularly in areas like Columbia Pike in South Arlington, these initiatives have been invaluable in fostering community growth and well-being.

In our own neighborhood, the impact of ArNAC’s support cannot be overstated. Through its funding, we have been able to transform our local park, Walter Reed Community Center, and undertake essential infrastructure enhancements such as lighting, sidewalk improvements, and street upgrades. These developments have not only beautified our area but have also fostered a safer and more connected community.

However, the current level of funding falls short of meeting the growing needs of our neighborhoods. With over 30 worthy projects already in the pipeline, it is evident that the demand for ArNAC’s support far exceeds its current capacity. Without a substantial increase in funding, many vital projects will remain stagnant for years to come, depriving our community of much-needed improvements.

Therefore, I urge you to prioritize and significantly augment the funding allocated to ArNAC in the upcoming fiscal year. By doing so, we can ensure that vital projects can proceed without unnecessary delays, fostering continued growth and prosperity for all residents of Arlington County.

We extend a warm invitation for you to visit our neighborhood for a firsthand look at the transformative impact of ArNAC-funded projects. Your insights and support are invaluable as we work together to build a stronger, more vibrant community.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. We eagerly anticipate your favorable response and stand ready to provide any further information or assistance you may require.


Ron Haddox
President of CHCA
Columbia Heights Civic Association