CHCA Planning Meeting April 8th

CHCA Meeting, Monday, April 8th, 2019, 7 pm

Walter Reed Community Center

7:00 PM President’s Update and the goals for tonight – Ron Haddox

Topics of Discussion: Planning for the upcoming candidate’s debates.

7:10 PM  Treasurer Report – Josh Folb – Membership update

7:15 PM  Update from Civic Federation Delegates and Alternates –

7:20 PM  Old Business

  • Planning for the next NCAC charrette for the East Side of CHCA – When and Where: CHCA charrette. Sarah and Juliet
  • Event with Columbia Heights, Douglas Park, and Nauck to welcome new families to Drew Elementary – Update from Erin

7:25 PM Upcoming Debates –  2019 Columbia Pike Primary Debates May 15th