Pickleball is exploding, and it’s getting messy

Do You Care About What Happens at Walter Reed Community Center?

Arlington County is still planning to build the largest pickleball cluster in Arlington at Walter Reed CC

  • Do you care about pickleball being played without sound mitigation for the foreseeable future?
  • ALL new sites being striped by the county will get sound mitigation IMMEDIATELY
  • Do you care about pickleball players displacing other users of WRCC, especially seniors?
  • Do you care about ongoing parking issues in the neighborhood?
  • Would you like some days/nights off from pickleball to allow for the peaceful enjoyment of our park and community center?
  • Should the county find a new site for this cluster?

If you care, PLEASE attend the upcoming Pickleball Planning Meeting at the Walter Reed Community Center NEXT Tuesday (5/23) at 7 pm to make your opinions known!  

Pickleball advocates will be there in force, WILL YOU?!

We need to advocate for our neighborhood!

If you’d like to stay informed about this topic, please send an email by scanning this QR code, or write to us at WalterReedNeighbors@gmail.com*