Pike Park Maintenance Agreement

Dear CHCA-ians,

Attached is the latest 2820 Columbia Pike use permit maintenance agreement proposed by the Walgreens management team. This agreement is required to meet use permit condition #7g, which states that the applicant shall submit a landscape maintenance agreement.
This document holds Walgreens accountable for their landscape maintenance responsibilities, so it is important for everyone to scrutinize it. It is advised to envision just what the lot should look like as you peruse this document. This would enhance your critique of the document for flaws or oversights. Whatever we as a community need to see in landscape management, it should be in black-and-white, in that agreement.
Just to start the ball rolling, MY feedback is: it is generally a thorough agreement, with the following overlooked points:
  • Trash should be picked up daily, not just weekly.
  • Trash that is SMALLER than a cigarette pack should be picked up, as well as larger.
  • The existing landscaping needs “repair”: 1) dying bushes need to be replaced by healthy ones, 2) the bushes need weeding, 3) bare ground needs new plantings with mulch, grass, sod, and/or bushes/flowering plants.4) Any grassy areas need regular mowing, and 4)  existing healthy plants need trimming back.
  • All tasks need to include the Park as well as the rest of the entire site.
All of the above, in my opinion, need to be specified in the agreement rather than assumed, and according to a schedule.
Links to the Agreements:
Let me know what you think and we can talk about it.