CHCA Membership Meeting, Monday, May 10th, 2021, 7 pm – 9 pm

CHCA Membership Meeting, Monday, May 10th, 2021, 7 pm – 9 pm
Location: ONLINE
7:00 PM President’s Update / Goals for Meeting (Ron Haddox)
7:05 PM Approval of April 12th, 2021 Minutes the April Meeting Agenda (Marian and Ron)
7:10 PM Missing Middle presentation  Alliance for Housing Solution – Alice Hogan
  • Housing supply and Arlington’s growing population  
  • Disappearing MARKs – market-rate affordable units 
  • Importance of housing affordability 
  • Housing and planning 
  • Arl Co’s Missing Middle Housing Study
  • What is missing middle housing: range of housing types and which are missing from Arlington
  • Racial history of zoning in Arlington: segregation and exclusion
  • Benefits of missing middle housing
  • How to get engaged in the County’s Study and to learn more…
  • Q & A

Background Information:

The Alliance for Housing Solution is a non-profit here in Arlington that does advocacy, policy, and public education around housing issues.
We are working on our Missing Middle Housing Initiative, in collaboration with the Lee Highway Alliance (since they are working on a visioning process and re-zoning effort much like we did on the Pike several years ago).
We are working together to support the County’s Missing Middle Study.
Here is a link to the County Study:
The County staff is doing presentations at various civic associations and we are two of their Community Partners, helping get the word out about the Study and encouraging residents to inform themselves about what MM Housing types are and how they might be of use to bring balance and options to our (inadequate) housing supply.
Here is where any individual or group, such as a civic association, can sign up to be a Community Partner as well:
Here, also, is the AHS/LHA joint website on Missing Middle Housing:
And this is our 2-minute video explaining Missing Middle:

Members may have heard of the Race and Housing video we produced last fall. It is a 7-minute video with lots of great history about Arlington neighborhoods near Columbia Heights that folks may find interesting:
8:00 PM Updates – Membership, Treasury Report – Josh