CHCA Membership Meeting, Monday, September 20th 9th, 2021, 7 pm – 9 pm

CHCA Membership Meeting, Monday, September 20th 9th, 2021, 7 pm – 9 pm
Location: ONLINE
7:00 PM President’s Update / Goals for Meeting (Ron Haddox)
7:05 PM Approval of August 9th, 2021 Minutes –  (Marian and Ron)
7:10 PM Traffic Calming for CHCA – update and follow-up. 
  • USE PERMIT REVIEW Pentagon Mixed Martial Arts Letter to County Board

7:20 PM – Update of the plans for our Annual Meeting October 18th and membership outreach. (ALL) 

Special Speaker from CPRO (Past, Current and Future) – Kim Klingler

Additional Speaker from Arlington County Fair, Barbi Broadus, Chair: regarding volunteer opportunities with the Fair as we are expanding our Board structure to include people who would like to be involved but may not have the flexibility to commit to being a Board Member.

7:30 PM Old Business Updates / New Business
  • Membership/Treasury update (Josh)
  • Walgreens Agreement update (Reggie)
  • Update on Career Center plans (Marian)

Our Next Steps from meeting minutes: (Mike, Marain, and Erin)

    • Our letter to the County Board on the issue of traffic calming. Next Steps (Marian and Ron)
      • Letter was sent on 6/18/21, no reply as of yet.
      • Ron recommends sending reps from CHCA to attend County Board meetings to complain during residential forum section (3 minutes). Ed volunteers to go, if statement is written for him-Marian/Erin will work on it. Reggie can be backup.  
      • Mike: suggests approaching Transportation/Bike Commission to get support prior to attending County Board. He volunteered to attend one of their meetings w/our talking points on safety issues. Marian/Erin can work on talking points (perhaps get statement from Pentagon MMA).  – Done. (Marian and Meredith)

NOTE: If you didn’t receive an invitation link please contact Ron – “”.