CHCA Membership Meeting, Monday, February 27th, 2023 7 pm – 9 pm Location: ONLINE

CHCA Membership Meeting, Monday, February 27th, 2023 7 pm – 9 pm
Location: ONLINE
7:00 PM President’s Update and the goals for tonight – (Ron Haddox)

7:05 PM

  • Approval of the Meeting tonight’s agenda and the missing Feb meeting minutes.
  • Letter from Columbia Heights Civic Association re Dangerous Traffic Concern (Starbucks Penrose Square)(Marian and Ron)
7: 10 PM Treasury Report – next steps? (Ed)
7:15 PM Form-Based Code – Upcoming meeting? (Ed)
7:20 PM Planning Commission Public Facilities Review Committee Update (Marian) 
7:25 PM Updated on correcting our border map – (Sarah)
7:30 PM – New Business
  • Pickleball concerns at the Walter Reed Community Center Next Steps (Ashley and Chad)
  • Arlington County failing to comply with noise ordinances – (Chad and Armand)
  • Communications & engagement contacts for the Historic Preservation Program. Cultural Affairs in partnership with the Arlington Commission for the Arts is offering six $15,000 grants for community-initiated projects. The application will be open until April 28, seeking participation from various applicant types. –  (Ron)
  • Tree Canopy Equity Program Advisory Committee Update (Sarah)
  • Arlington County Civic Federation upcoming March 14th meeting. –  Our members also would like to hear which crimes are increasing and decreasing and why? What can we do to protect ourselves? Has reporting increased in the County, and how should we report crimes? What issues will be addressed in the legislature this year regarding crimes? What are the current police staffing levels, and where does community policing fit into the mix? (Ron)
  • Shooting at Col. Pike / S Walter Reed Update (Sarah)
  • Arlington County Board candidate Introduction – JD Spain

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