CHCA Meeting March 11th – AMAZON’s arrival in Arlington: Opportunities, Challenges and Arlington’s next steps

CHCA – Membership Meeting, Monday, March 11, 2019, 7pm
Walter Reed Community Center

7:00 PM              President’s Update and the goals for tonight – Ron Haddox

Topics of Discussion: This month’s CHCA meeting will feature Christian Dorsey, answering your question on where we are with Amazon and what is the county’s next steps. The hour about Amazon and the county’s next step is intended for Columbia Heights residents only and that questions will only be taken from Columbia Heights residents.  We can make this statement as the county board said publicly at Saturday’s meeting that they were fanning out and intended to get one board member at EVERY civic association in the next month and would go to any other meetings they could.  If someone from another association wants to express an opinion they need to get their board to host a meeting.

7:10 PM               Treasurer Report – Josh Folb – Membership update

7:15 PM               Update from Civic Federation Delegates and Alternates –

7:20 PM               Old Business

  • Planning for the next NCAC charrette for the East Side of CHCA – When and Where: CHCA charrette. Sarah and Juliet
  • Event with Columbia Heights, Douglas Park, and Nauck to welcome new families to Drew Elementary – Erin
  • Update of the old Willow Oak Tree – Sarah and Meredith
  • EvolveAll Fitness: Student pick-up and drop-off for EvolveAll – safety concerns and letter of support -Sarah

8:00 PM               AMAZON’s arrival in Arlington: Opportunities, Challenges and Arlington’s next steps

  • A conversation with Christian Dorsey, Chair of the Arlington County Board
  • Welcome, and introductions (3 min) –  Takis will introduce him and moderate the discussion.
  • Introductory Remarks (Christian Dorsey, 5 min)
  • Moderated Q&A – starting with introductory questions by the moderator then opening to the public (which will have the opportunity to submit questions on cards or prior to the meeting online (Ron) (35 min) –
  • Brief summary, takeaways, and pointers to resources and the ongoing civic dialog.

CHCA: Amazon Questions

AMAZON’s arrival in Arlington: Opportunities, Challenges and Arlington’s next steps. A Columbia Heights Neighborhood Conversation! March 11, 2019, 7pm! Here you can send us your questions and comments in advance so that we pass them on to the moderator and speaker! Thanks for participating!

  • Please be concise; if you have multiple questions: please use the space available or submit this and load a new form.
    This is an event for neighbors and members of the Columbia Heights Civic Association (CHCA) in Arlington VA. You don't have to be a member in order to attend the event; but we would like to approach you to become one!

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