Arlington County’s Tree Canopy Fund Program Apply for a free tree now!

Arlington County’s Tree Canopy Fund Program

Apply for a free tree now!

This is your opportunity to get a beautiful free (FREE) tree, professionally planted on your property where you want it. Submit an online application form by Friday December 20

Arlington property owners can beautify their yard, add value to their real estate, lower their heating and cooling bills, and provide a new home for birds and butterflies by applying for a tree from Arlington County’s Tree Canopy Fund (TCF). The cost of the tree and its planting in spring 2020 is paid by the TCF.

The goal of the program is to plant more trees on private property within the county. Private property includes condominiums, apartment buildings, townhomes, single-family homes, non-profits (churches e.g.).  The chief requirement of those receiving trees is to properly care for them, especially watering the trees consistently for two years while they get established, then watering in following years whenever rainfall is inadequate.

Don’t wait. Sign up now! Next steps:

· Applications are due by midnight on Friday, December 20 through this link: Please note that if you wish to apply for more than one tree, you will need to fill out the application separately for every tree.

· New for Spring 2020 – we are offering the opportunity to apply for small trees for property owners with small front yards impeded by utility lines.

· Here is the available tree list for Spring 2020. Details on each species are online.

o Eastern hophornbeam

o American hornbeam

o American beech

o Black gum

o Bald cypress

o Sweetgum

o White oak

o Scarlet oak

o Willow oak

o Red oak

o Sweetbay magnolia (only for small front yards with overhead utility wires)

o Redbud (only for small front yards with overhead utility wires)

· We will do our best to accommodate your first or second choice of species, but we will use a lottery for selection if necessary.

· All trees will be planted March-April of 2020.

· More information, including the program guidelines for Spring 2020, is available on our website.